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It provides Dynamic feature to the CSS file within an ASP.Net Project.

Usign this tech. developers will be able to define variables or any placeholderto replace with values on runtime.

It employees the tech of HttpHandlers (Code is attached) of ASP.Net. and consumes my another project Xml2Object Mapper (already available on CodePlex with source code).

Developer can define their CSS variables in and XML File (Sample XML File & CSS File is attached)

Config of HttpHandler require some entries in Web.Config (sample is attached)

C# classes to load XML into Objects are defined in Themes.cs (File is attached) along with the factory method (XmlFactory.cs) to load using Xml2Object Mapper

WebConfig Code Fragment
<add verb="*" path="common.css" type="StyleSheetHandler"/>

<add name="StyleSheetHandler" verb="*" path="common.css" type="StyleSheetHandler"/>

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